Story - While God's logic is not linear, His communication to us is narrative. Jesus himself used story not just as a delivery method for truth, but as truth itself. We celebrate the storytelling tradition between God and man, and strive to tell true stories that make our viewers think, laugh, contemplate, learn, and change.

Conversation - The story of our existence is an ongoing conversation. If we can raise a compelling question, we can enter into compelling dialogues about the questions that most plague us. Life and faith are not easy. Understanding our place in the universe, and understanding the God of that universe are lifelong tasks. An honest, ongoing conversation is the communication that steers us toward the true things.

Truth - We seek truth, and seek to steer our communities toward truth. While we believe in the absolute truth of God and His scripture, we appreciate that for most of us, the search for truth is a journey. We respect that journey and pray that truth is found for all.


Dean Smith - President

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Ryan Kingsmith - Operations


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